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How to choose a basin faucet?
Addtime: 2020-03-19


1.Pull out faucet to buy:

When choosing this type of basin, you must pay attention to the quality of the metal hose that can be pulled. If the quality is not high enough, after a period of use, it may break and so on, and naturally shorten its service life. It is also necessary to pay attention to the length of the metal hose that can be drawn, generally 30-80cm is a good choice; in addition, there are two general ways to draw water from a pull faucet, one is shower-type water, and the other is bubble-water. Bathroom faucet manufacturers reminds you to look at the effect of the water when you buy it, to see if the water outlet is blocked, and to see how the bubbler works and whether it can perform bubble water normally.

2.Induction faucet purchase:

For the purchase of basin induction faucets, in addition to the material of the faucet itself and the valve core, you must also consider its induction sensitivity. When purchasing, you can put your hands under the faucet to see if the water output is sometimes delayed. Take your hands away to see if it has a closed delay. Many basin faucets on the market have no quality problems with their materials and spools, and often their sensitivity is not enough, so be sure to buy them.

3.Ordinary faucet purchase:

For the purchase of traditional basin faucets, the net recommends to choose products with good materials as much as possible. Since traditional faucets are mainly made of stainless steel or plastic, you should try more switches when buying to see how their sealing performance is. Choose environmentally friendly materials as much as possible, and choose ceramic or stainless steel spools as far as possible, so that the service life of traditional faucets can be guaranteed.

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