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What should I do if the basin faucet leaks? Basin Faucet Repair Guide
Addtime: 2021-06-11

What should I do if the basin faucet leaks? Sometimes when the faucet leak is not serious, we can do it ourselves.


The following editor will teach you how to repair the faucet yourself.

Preparation tools: 1. One flat-mouthed medium-sized screwdriver. 2. One adjustable wrench with openings up to 30-50;

Follow the faucet repair steps to get started:

1. If the hot and cold water faucet is controlled by a main water inlet valve, close the main valve. When the hot and cold water inlet pipes are separated, then close the two corresponding valves.

2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to open the accessory "01 hot and cold mark (fixing the screw hole plug with the handle)" as shown above;

3. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to reach into the handle fixing screw hole plug (cold and hot standard hole), and the counterclockwise (left-handed) screwdriver about 3 turns;

4. Fully grasp the faucet handle with your left hand, push it upwards, and at the same time use the screwdriver's rear handle (must be of non-metallic material, otherwise it will damage the outer surface of the faucet) and gently tap upwards, so that the accessory "02 water outlet handle" is separated;

5. Counterclockwise (left-handed) fitting "03 end cap", the end cap is separated from the main body;

6. Place the beginning of the adjustable wrench at the hexagonal position of the accessory "04 core body tightening hexagonal sleeve", adjust the size of the beginning of the adjustable wrench, rotate it counterclockwise, remove the ceramic valve core for inspection, if it is intact, turn it clockwise (right-handed), tighten Stop the upper strength; if it is damaged, replace with a new valve core.

7. Reinstall the accessories "03 end cap", "02 water outlet handle", and "01 hot and cold label (note that red represents the hot water side, and blue represents the cold water side)".

Leakage method and cause

1. The faucet does not leak from the outlet: this will happen when the axial gasket in the faucet is worn out.

Solution: According to the size of the faucet, choose the corresponding pliers to unscrew the faucet gland, and use the clamp to remove the worn shaft gasket, and then replace with a new auxiliary gasket to solve the problem.

2. Water leakage occurs at the joint of the faucet nozzle: check whether the nut of the lower nozzle is loose.

The solution is to tighten the nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.

3. Reasons for water leakage in the gap under the faucet bolt:

That is caused by the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. You can loosen the screw to remove the bolt head, then loosen and remove the gland, then take out the triangle seal inside the gland and replace it with a new one.

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