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What are the characteristics of the pull-out faucet
Addtime: 2020-03-19


The pull-out type has two functions of shower water, which makes it more convenient for you to wash in the kitchen. The imported valve core is used inside, which is durable. Extraordinary quality guarantees product quality and safety. The surface is chrome-plated, which keeps the product as long as new, and also allows you to worry more during the daily cleaning process.

Suitable for sinks with pull-out faucets. Whether it is a single tank, a double tank or a multi-function tank, there is no need to worry about large or small problems, because it can be pulled out for a distance of about 0.8 meters and can cover the entire water tank.

Pull-out faucet is easy to use. You can wash your hair and take a bath. If you use it to wash your hair, it will be much more convenient. Usually you can hang it there and use it as an ordinary faucet. It is quite convenient to bathe the baby. You don't need to buy a bathtub for the baby. You can take a bath directly with the sink. The pull-out faucet has soft water and you won't worry about holding the baby.

Pull-out faucets are not much higher in price. That's about 20 percent.

In terms of quality, the pull-out faucet is thick and compact, with multi-layer electroplating process, uniform color and high temperature resistance. The internal quality is first-class. The imported ceramic valve core is used. The filter design is added to the details of the water bubbler. The water is pure and soft, and the performance is reliable.

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