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Can pull-out faucets follow the trend to buy?


The big feature of the pull-out faucet is of course that it can be pulled out for use, so the cleaning range is expanded. The kitchen is equipped with one, and it is very convenient to clean the sink. It can be rotated 360 degrees. Hold the faucet and circle around. The walls and corners of the sink can be rushed. You can retract the faucet when you loosen the faucet. It is very convenient for washing dishes, flushing the sink, or putting water on the countertop of the container.

pull-out faucet mode

In addition to being elongated, the pull-out faucet can also be raised up, change the direction of the water, and have two water outlet modes: shower and column. When you use it, you can flexibly change the sprinkling water and the columnar water with a single press. Therefore, it is better to install it in the bathroom. The spray mode is convenient for washing your hair in the sink and will not bump your head.

I like to take a shower at night and wash my hair in the morning, but I used to wet my pajamas every time I stretch my neck and wash my hair with a shower shower, so I can wash my hair in the basin by replacing it with a pull-out faucet! Lazy people can also unlock the operation of changing the direction of the water to flush their face and gargle, which is very suitable for pregnant women who are struggling to bend over.

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