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What product details should I pay attention to when buying a faucet?
Addtime: 2022-04-07

In addition to choosing the style and brand of the faucet, you must pay more attention to some product details.

In addition, even if you buy a genuine brand name product, you should understand the knowledge about the performance of these high-end mixing faucets before installation and use, and use them correctly to avoid inconvenience caused by improper use, which will greatly discount your high-end faucets.

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First, look at the certificate

Generally, single-handle mixing basin faucets are attached with installation dimension drawings and instruction manuals when they leave the factory. Before installation and use, you should open the product packaging and check the certificate to avoid the use of three-no products. If it is imported goods, you should be extra careful.

2. Check the accessories

In addition, check whether the accessories are complete. The general accessories should be equipped with: 1. A full set of fixing bolts and fixing copper sheets and gaskets; 2. A full set of basin lifting water remover; 3. Two water inlet pipes. Then take out the faucet and move the handle up, down, left and right to feel the opening and closing is light and comfortable, with a slightly even and soft blocking feeling.

3. Check the product

To check the plated surface is bright, free of air bubbles, spots and scratches. If your faucet is used in a new house, because the water supply pipe network is newly laid, there will definitely be sand particles and other impurities in the water. Before installation, you should drain the water for a long time until the water quality becomes clear before installation. When installing, install one end of the two water inlet pipes on the faucet, and the other end is connected with two hot and cold angle valves or directly on the two hot and cold 4-point pipe joints. The basin drain is installed on the bottom of the basin, and the end of the lift drain is connected to the "S" or "P" type elbow. Do not use excessive force to cause man-made damage when opening and use, and the surface of the faucet should be wiped clean after use. After using for a period of time, cut off the flow of hot and cold water and use a wrench to carefully unscrew the water nozzle filter to clean the impurities and then install it carefully.

Now, many faucet companies have certain quality assurance commitments for their products. You should ask about these warranties when you buy them and compare your options. I believe that as long as you carefully select, properly install, use, and maintain your faucet and other hardware, your faucet troubles will truly "gone and never return".

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