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What to do if the faucet is blocked?
Addtime: 2020-03-19


1.Whether it is stainless steel or other materials, they will generate a certain amount of water rust during use.Some of these water rust are caused by the water quality itself, and some are caused by the use of unqualified faucets for various reasons. It is easy to block the faucet, resulting in poor water flow.

2. Open the connector under the basin with a wrench, turn the faucet upside down, and fill it with a bottle of clean water. If the water flowing out of the back end is not smooth, it proves that there is a foreign object in the faucet tube. The faucet can be disassembled for inspection and repair, or a faucet can be replaced directly.

3. If the water flow is smooth, it may be blocked at the pipe. You can get the high pressure water mode of the rain shower head in the bathroom to punch it hard. If the foreign body is large and stubborn, you can use a hard wire to insert it into the tap to clear it.

4. If it is a faucet joint, it is usually called a faucet seat. It is probably blocked at the position in contact with the countertop. You need to find a thin wire, make a hook at one end, and slowly hook the foreign body out. After processing, take the faucet upside down and irrigate. This flushing process can flush out the small debris just removed to ensure that the debris is completely drained.

5. If the faucet has not been used for a long time, it may be rusted. Then you can use rust and antirust lubricant. This derusting lubricant can have good affinity and permeability with metals. The rust layer can be separated from the metal layer. Make the rusty part contact the metal surface and leave a protective film. Of course, the faucet is made of stainless steel.

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