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How about pull-out faucet?
Addtime: 2020-03-19


First, it is a kind of faucet. The water outlet connection hose at the top of this faucet can be drawn out. This design is to facilitate the cleaning of various parts of the sink and also makes it more convenient for people to use water. In general There are two ways to make water out of this type of faucet, that is, foaming water and shower water. At present, this kind of book leader is more commonly used in foreign European and American markets, and it is still relatively rare in China, and its popularity will take time.

Second, the pull-out type has two functions of shower water, making it more convenient for you to wash in the kitchen. The imported valve core is used inside, which is durable. Extraordinary quality guarantees product quality and safety. The surface is chrome-plated, which keeps the product as long as new, and also allows you to worry more during the daily cleaning process.

3. Pull-out faucet is applicable to all sinks. No matter whether it is a single tank, a double tank, a multi-function tank, etc., there is no need to worry about large or small problems, because you can pull out a distance of about 0.8 meters to cover the entire water tank.

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